Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 Lessons Learned, #7: Live Near a Good Coffee Shop

I have two young kids and the chaos in our house is not often conducive to thinking. When I need to write, I ride my bike to the coffee shop, order a cup of coffee and then grab the table in the corner. I order only a cup of coffee because as soon as I start thinking about whether I need a muffin or a pumpkin cookie moon pie or whatever other amazing pastry they've whipped up for the day, the focus is no longer on the writing.

I like the commotion and activity of the cafe. Silence is deadly for me. Thank you cafe owners for allowing me to "rent" a table for $3.00 when I need to get something done. :)

Happy Thanksgiving all!


Jane said...

I think you are not alone with this Bethanie, I understand that none other than Harry Potter's author J.K.Rowling wrote her early books in a coffee shop in Scotland!

Yours looks like a great place for good coffee and eats...shame it's just a few thousand miles away, I shall just have to make do with my local High Street coffee shop!

Love Jane x

Bethanie Murguia said...

Jane, any coffee shop will do. As I'm beginning to realize, the fewer the pastry temptations, probably the better.:) Thanks to you and Julia for your comments from last week.