Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 Lessons Learned, #18: Some Things Really are in Your DNA

When I was at my childhood home recently, I had the chance to peruse the attic. My mom, for better or worse, has saved every piece of my artwork. I came across a drawing in a "book" that I made eons ago. I'm thinking I was 7 or 8? I had just finished working on a trapeze spread for Buglette (below). It really makes me believe that some images are just in our DNA. Perhaps it's time for me to take my trapeze lessons? :)


Jill Bergman said...

That's so cool! I see echoes of my childhood drawing interests in my art today, too. But a trapeze...That's pretty specialized! Did you swing a lot as a kid?

Jane said...

That really made me smile Bethanie, yes we are certainly a product of nurture and nature. Your DNA obviously has wonderful creativity in it!
Take care,
Jane x

judith said...

I can't believe how similar these two pieces of artwork are! The content, shapes and angles are almost identical. How amazing!

Bethanie Murguia said...

Hey Jill, I think I've always had a fascination with flying. I suppose swinging is a kids' version of that. I remember having floating/flying dreams as a kid. I lived in the country so I'm not sure I ever saw anyone on a trapeze in real life. :) Thanks for your comments everyone!