Wednesday, April 27, 2011

30 Lessons Learned, #29: Be Ready for a Lot of Questions

After the illustrations and manuscript were finalized, I received a marketing and publicity questionnaire from Random House that included questions like: how many Nobel Prizes have you won? Okay, that might be a small exaggeration, but it WAS eight pages of questions about my background, my education, my motivation, my honors, my media contacts, etc. As a first time author, it was daunting.

But, I slogged through and I am happy that the document forced me to think. It made me consider all aspects of my life and how they might relate to this new path as a writer and illustrator. It made me consider interview questions that have come up again and again. It gave shape and weight to my aspirations -- that felt good!

Here is one recent interview, this one is with California Readers. It covers some ground that (amazingly), I haven't covered in my blog ramblings.

PS, Giveaways will begin next week. Check back next Wednesday for details. :)


Jill Bergman said...

Wow- you've won 3 Nobel Prizes!?
Just kidding :) That questionnaire sounds exhausting. I guess it's good they really want to be thorough in marketing your book though.
Very nice interview on the California Readers site!

Sue Pownall said...

Of course all new authors have Nobel Prizes, I guess yours is still in the post.

Jane said...

I cannot beleive this is the penultimate "lessons learned" post Bethanie, where did 29 posts go...! You new life as an author exciting for you. Yipee!
Jane x