Friday, May 27, 2011

Illustration Friday: Asleep...And Some Photos!

For some reason, I've been thinking about symbiotic relationships lately. What happens when the bird who cleans the crocodile's teeth falls asleep on the job?

On a completely unrelated note (as far as I can tell), I want to share a few photos from my book party last weekend. What fun! My good friend, Gina Risso, took wonderful photos. I've thrown in a few from other sources as well. By the way, if you like the Buglette t-shirts the kiddos are wearing, leave a comment on my previous blog entry. I'll be giving one away!

What party would be complete without aphid juice?

Cupcake scavengers (another one behind the lemonade, too.)

Ladybug cupcakes: red velvet, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Yum! 

My "little" brother entertains the crowd.
Reading while being upstaged by a two-year old (my own).

I've learned that I make very strange faces when I sign books.

The kiddos (and some adults!) made Buglette antennae.

Me with my brother and sister-in-law

Someone is wearing a lot of stickers.


Sue Pownall said...

This is a great illo. What an interesting mind you have. I'm too literal.

The book launch looked great fun, I see the leaves worked to keep some children sitting ;) Aphid juice - excellent!

dosankodebbie said...

Charming illo. I have that kind of a mind too. There are so many things to wonder about. And so many things to draw. (happy sigh)

Jill Bergman said...

What wonderful photos! It looks like everyone had a great time.
I really like your crocodile and friend!!

Juan Carlos Partidas said...

Nice illustration... but the place is a little bit dangerous to sleep in... don´t you think? :) said...

Totally cute and lovely, as always. And congratulations on your Buglette success.

Linda Hensley said...

Looks like a great event with happy kids :)

Jack Foster said...

Love that croc Bethanie! Terrific!

Sally said...

Wonderful illustrations, love the aphid juice. Where did you find free range organic aphid juce? Leaves are cute too!

Bethanie Murguia said...

Thanks everyone! said...

So cute! I think that this child likes Bugglette, I think that Bugglette, the messy sleeper is cute! :)
Kappacavy (9)

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

I don't know how I missed this's great! Also...your book looks wonderful!